Photo by Shane Hilton 'REAPER Live at the Last Chance'


Rock & Roll Magazine is based out of a small, independent live music venue in Melbourne, Australia called the Last Chance.

The Last Chance is a bastion of local music.

It’s the place you play your first gig.

It’s the venue you headline your first show.

It’s the first little hole in the wall you sell out.

In other words, the Last Chance is your very first chance.

Rock & Roll Magazine will continue to do the work of the Last Chance supporting local, independent bands and musicians.

It’s what we do.

It’s what we love.


With the closing of the Last Chance due to COVID-19 we decided that in order to preserve the Last Chance (aka keep it from going bankrupt) and to make sure that it’s still standing when restrictions lift we would venture into writing about what we love most… music.

Enter Rock & Roll Magazine.

Our entire mission is to ensure that our little venue survives.

Instead of rolling over and giving up, hoping for the best or complaining, we simply thought we would live by the Last Chance mantra of “Die or Die Trying”.

And if we build something new that supports all the band that we love so much?

Well, that’s just fucking brilliant.

Rock & Roll Magazine “the online music magazine from the Last Chance that saved a live music venue”.


Expect everything.

From dedicated features on bands, interviews, reviews of new and classic albums, live streams from the Last Chance, weekly columns about god knows what, and anything else about our beautiful music community.

There’s nothing we’re not going to have a crack at.

There is no genre, no clique, no high school bullshit.

If it makes noise we’re going to write about it.

Metal, punk, indie, rock… whatever.

You play folk?


There are no limits.

Rock & Roll Magazine will be the multimedia equivalent of your favourite band venue.

In these strange and trying times Rock & Roll Magazine is going to drag you into our little punk rock hole in the wall through the screens you hold in the palm of your hand and blow your head off with some of the best music in the world.


The Last Chance has always been about building community.

In order for it to survive through this little global pandemic we need that community to get behind us and Rock & Roll Magazine.

You can share the word by splashing us across your social networks that the kids are all into, you can contribute articles/reviews/whatever, you can just read the articles.

But the best way you can support us is by becoming one of our supporters.

We only need 3000 people to pledge $75 over the next 6 months for the Last Chance to survive.

In pub terms that’s the equivalent of 1 Pint a Month

You won’t be getting the beer but you will be giving us a chance at survival and building somewhere creativity can gather, be seen and flourish.

Kind Regards & Lots of Love

Shane, Leanne & everyone at the Last Chance and Rock & Roll Magazine


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