Who are you? Introduce yourself.

My name is Rose and I create art under the name Dead End Design, and I also do vocals for Masochist. I love horror movies, gardening and roller skating

Give us a run down of what you do and your background.

I've been doing freelance design and art work under this name for 7 years now, but there's not been a time in my life that I haven't been involved with creating art in some shape or form. I'm self-taught through trial and error - learning in a tertiary/group setting has never really worked for me. I still work a day job as a disability support worker, the hours give me flexibility and the time to work on my freelance projects. This also means I am not reliant solely on my art for income, which means I generally get to work with clients and on pieces that I genuinely connect with.

Your favourite piece you've done?

I don't know about a favourite piece, but I definitely really enjoyed the process and outcome of a series of works I did for one of my favourite Melbourne bands Boundless. Originally they got me to do the cover art for their EP "Another Hell", which turned into me doing a series of works for them- tour posters and a bushfire benefit poster- all based around the imagery of statues. It feels really great to work with people you look up to, and to have them involve you on multiple parts of the journey around the release of their music.

Why did you get into drawing? Any influences?

I just never stopped drawing from when I was a kid. I was that horse girl for a long time and liked drawing horses and animals, then when I was a teenager I found I really liked drawing portraits from drawing people from my favourite pop punk bands (lots of Simple Plan and Green Day drawings haha). When I got into my early 20's I had some friends in local bands ask if I would create poster art for them and from there I started taking on commissions. I've always drawn traditionally with pencil/pen, expanding into digital illustration and recently have been learning how to paint with acrylics.

My influences change all the time- something that's always been evident in some of my work has been the influence of horror. I've gone through phases of wanting my work to be photo-realistic, borrowing heavily from western tattoo imagery and recently have been loving drawing plants and flowers. I love that what I want my work to look like changes all the time and lets me explore different parts of myself as an artist. I'm trying to be more open to trying different mediums and being okay with not being good at them.

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