Who are you? Introduce yourself.
I am Zo. I take photos.

Give us a run down of what you do and your background.
I got into live music photography to connect with the music itself. Ever since I was a little kid music has had a deep and profound effect on me. I stopped questioning why a long time ago. You know, when you listen to a song and for no apparent reason you want to cry, scream, laugh … whatever. It's just the way it is. Shooting shows, particularly in the underground and emerging scene, gives me the opportunity to connect with all the parts of live music that I love. The energy, sound and emotion. It is so primal, and so human. My dream is to take a photo that when anyone looks at it they hear a note, crisp and clear. It is an impossible dream which is what makes it so cool.


Any influences?
Asking what influences me is like saying how long is a piece of string. Haha. With live music photography, I am drawn to energy, sound and emotion. Of the band, the crowd, and the overlap. Heart is everything. Heart and guts. Since COVID-19 and the lockdowns, I have been getting into abstract and contemporary photography which is a lot of fun. Most importantly, it keeps me in the lens and making photos which is rad. As far as being artists that influence my work, well, um, where's that piece of string? Haha. Seriously, I love all kinds of stuff from Kandinsky, Moholy-Nagy and Fuss (who all reckon music and art are one in the same, which is pretty cool). My favourite rock'n'roll photographers are David Corio, Steve Double, and Aussie legend Philip Morris.

Iggy Pop 2011 (1).jpg

Iggy Pop, 2011

181006 Ute Root (1).jpg

Ute Root, 2018


A lot of people ask who my favourite band. This is always a hard one, and I have to honestly say that although I do not have a favourite band, I do have a favourite event. On Wednesday nights in March 2016, Tote'L'Rumble Rock'n'Roll Wrestling took over The Tote.

If you think Jools Holland meets Celebrity Deathmatch with a solid dose of the Melbourne underground rock'n'roll scene thrown in for good measure, you're on the money.

Melbourne underground rock'n'roll heavyweights faced-off, song for song, in the make-shift wrestling ring – made up of painted bollards and rope – in The Tote bandroom. Threads were torn, warpaint was worn, and feathers flew. It was an epic series that celebrated underground live music, music culture and community and still goes down in my top 5 events ever.

The Flaming Lips, 2011

090419 The Meanies (1).jpg

The Meanies, 2009


Cosmic Psychos (All Good In The Wood), 2015




Tote'L'Rumble Rock'n'Roll Wrestling series

160302 Don Bosco- High Finance.jpg

Don Bosco VS High Finance

160309 Spacejunk v Los Dos D14.jpg

Space Junk VS Los Dos

160309 Tankerville v Mod Vigil-043-D14 8

Tankerville VS Mod Vigil

160316 Tankerville vs Spacejunk-D21.jpg

Tankerville VS Space Junk

Bosco v Kahuna 2016.jpg

Cosmic Kahuna VS Don Bosco