New single and clip 'Headrush'

First single from homegrown garage rock outfit Bloody Ripper. These guys were set to play Last Chance back in May before the world turned upside down. Their claymation clip for the song Headrush premieres today! Good solid rockin’ out for your Monday morning. Looking forward to getting the boys on stage on the other side of this. 11 cases today, how good is that?

Splattered with punk attitude, Bloody Ripper are a homegrown garage rock band from Melbourne. Their debut single ‘Headrush’ was recorded and mixed in their home studio and oozes gritty DIY vibes. The song is a steady push and pull between sweet and sour, naughty and nice. An expression of tension towards the seemingly inevitable rat race of civilized society. Bloody Ripper burst out of the gates ready to tear down the system and rebuild in their own image.


Thanks for listening!