Melbournes own garage rockers Bloody Ripper recently released their killer debut single ‘Headrush’


Niam sits down with Jaksun Taylor and reminds us all what we have to look forward to on the other side. 


How long have Bloody Ripper been playing?  How did you get started?


We’ve all been playing music with each other for years but it was about two years ago when we formed Bloody Ripper. The band we were in at the time had ended due to our drummer moving away, but our friend Kunz (who happened to be a machine on the tubs) had been living in Canada for a few years, and when he came back our first jam together was so explosive and wildly fun we knew we had to do something more with it. So Bloody Ripper was born! 


Can you tell us about the new track 'Headrush'


Our singer Morty came into a jam with the chords for the song pretty much done, we all jumped in and it pretty much ended up very similar to that first jam we had, a lot of our songs end up happening like that. 


We have a home studio we built out in a shed which is where we record all our music. Half the band also studied audio engineering, so we like to be hands on and do things ourselves where we can. We got a lot of help from Tony ‘Jack the Bear’ Mantz from Deluxe Mastering Melbourne about mixing tips and he really helped hone the sound of the song.  


How did the rad artwork for the single and the claymation video come about? 


We got an amazing artist that we follow on Instagram (the_vigilante88) to draw it up for us and he blew it out of the water! We then had the idea of bringing that character to life with Claymation so we hit up another fantastic artist on Instagram (@dexheartwood) and he got right on board and I think the end result exceeded our expectations! 


I think finding artists who you vibe with and helping support each other is a huge part of why we all do this.


What are you missing most about live music in the Melbourne lockdown?


EVERYTHING! playing shows, going to gigs, seeing mates and having fun, even kind of miss the ringing ears! It's been a pretty tough time for everyone and I know all our muso mates are feeling it. 


What are some of your favourite spots in Melbourne to grab a drink and some food that you are looking forward to hitting up first when lockdown is over? 


We love Melbourne’s dive bar scene and can’t wait to get back to places like The Old Bar and The Bendigo, of course Last Chance Rock and Roll Bar! There's too many to list, gonna have to do a bar crawl we reckon!  


What can we expect from Bloody Ripper in the near future? 


We’re just getting started! There's definitely an EP on the way which we’ve already been working on but lockdowns put the brakes on that a little. Super keen to get back out playing gigs. We got some new merch on the way which will be up on our Bandcamp. There's no limits once the world opens up again! We’re chomping at the bit!  


What are some of your top Melbourne bands or artists right now? 


Private Function's new album is on repeat at the moment at my place! We also all agree that Ocean Grove's 'Flip Phone Fantasy' is one of the best albums this year! 

Always got classics like Amyl and the Sniffers and Clowns on rotation too. Doesn’t get much better than Melbourne punk!

Check out the debut single here: