Review by Aaron Beer

Walking into work today, I’m thinking of how to finish this review when I’m distracted by an ad on the side of a tram. Shane Warne’s debut fragrance is out, or coming soon. I dunno, I didn’t read the rest of the ad as I was shook. What would that smell like? What’s the demographic for this scent? Could I too ruin my marriage and date Elizabeth Hurley if I wore this? They’ve obviously done the research to predict it will sell. I’d prefer a VB tinged Boony deodorant to be honest, or maybe that’d make a better car air freshener. I spent half an hour mindlessly daydreaming about the smell of cricketers instead of working on my review, but it ties it in well. 


I’m biased when it comes to Hideous Sun Demon. I’m pretty much guaranteed to enjoy anything they put out and I’m in awe of songwriter Vincent’s creative energy. I own all their records and merch. I’m like a lame fan-boy, while being friendly with the band at the same time. I also like to call them "Hideous Cum Semen" which I doubt they enjoy at all. 


Coming off a string of releases including 2018’s highly praised 'Fame Erotic Dream' and the 'Good Times' EP last year, HSD have put out two solid singles this year with 'Gimmicks' and 'Distractions' in what is an exciting taste of what’s to come for a future full length. 


HSD as a whole are a constantly mutating force. Over the years they have moved cities, changed members and evolved their sound.  One thing that remains constant is their ability to craft head-bopping catchy tunes with easy to digest hooks that worm their way into your ears and stay there to the point of well, distraction. 

Ever shifting from fuzzy psych to shiny poppier numbers, new single Distractions is a darker synth laden post-punk track, utilising drum machines, multiple synths, spoken word and a driving heavy main riff. 
Here we have Vin, Jake and Andy showing a decidedly more mature and experimental approach to their songwriting. 


Vincent’s lyrics often switch between scathing attacks, cheeky observations and angst ridden self criticism. In 'Distractions' he “laments the repetitive and mind numbing activities we all engage in for the sake of escapism”. HSD have hit on a few points I can relate to.. Like spending time reading up on cricketers when I really don’t give a shit, or how at the start of lockdown I had grand plans to learn a new skill, for which I signed up to online courses. My hourly lectures quickly turned into sitting on my bed eating twisties and watching Gordon Ramsey YouTube clips.
Even when life was normal, it’s easy to bide our time with Netflix and bullshit instead of working towards something creative. Don’t get me wrong, a healthy mix of both is good and sometimes mindless self indulgence is needed, but it’s easy to fall into that trap. 


Yet with a flurry of seemingly constant creative output through Hideous Sun Demon, Terrible Signal, Kitchen People and his solo project Eugh, I gotta say, spritz a little Warney on your wrists, run a bath and try not to be so hard on yourself Vin.


Listen and purchase Hideous Sun Demon's new single via their bandcamp:

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Photo by James Morris