Single review by Jake Laderman

In the dead of 2020, Australia’s most beloved bonox-sippin’, AFL guernsey-donning metal export, King Parrot, have released their new single entitled 'Banished, Flawed Then Docile', our first taste of their new EP 'Holed Up In The Lair' and the first new music we’ve heard since 2017’s 'Ugly Produce' LP. It was worth the wait too.

Banished, Flawed Then Docile is a monster jam and a masterful journey across two and half minutes. Blasting off up the fretboard with classic tone-heavy guitars in unison with quick handed drums, the track quickly thrashes into verse one alongside the iconic guttural screams of Matt “Youngy” Young.
In true King Parrot style, the band effortlessly flows between cut-throat grinding blasts to heavy doom riffs amid a mountainous instrumental middle section. It’s an exciting and unpredictable ride as you transcend to the peak of the song with the unforgettable repeating screams of its title.
Emerging from the murky sludge, the final 30 seconds sees another thrashing, all-guns-blazing dash towards the end. It’s easy to envision a sea of banging of fists amongst the mayhem that is a King Parrot moshpit for this song. It appears that fans can expect the thrash, grind and blast that makes this band so lovable - be excited. Let’s just hope there’ll be more side-splitting music videos to go along with this EP.



Holed Up In The Lair is out on October 9th via Dead Set Records (AU), Housecore Records (USA) and Agonia Records (EU/UK).