With Aaron Beer

While picks of the week are typically new releases of the week just gone, I feel we’ve got a bit of catching up to do and unfortunately picks of the somewhat recent past doesn’t quite have a ring to it. Here lies a collection of singles, videos and EP’s that I’ve been blasting lately while trying to befriend the ravens in my backyard. Maybe next week they can choose the list, Corvid Curations, I bet it’s all goth rock.


Scab Baby - Swamp Drops EP 

This sounds like those two snotty farm kids that you vaguely know that come down to your house party, drink all your cheap beer and don’t even bother mentioning they’re on mushrooms. The next day they’ve got way too much energy but they help you clean up, overpay for the beer and disappear for another three months to write more catchy garage punk tunes.


Nothing - Subterfuge

Pummelling progressive death metal inspired by narcissistic relationships and old Italian poetry far outside my realm of intelligence. This is part 2 of a concept series that follows a female protagonist betrayed by her lover. This chapter finds her examining the web of deceit her tormentor has weaved to leverage himself into a position of power and capitalize on her demise. 

Solid release from the Melbourne 3 piece that makes me want to break shit, not the drywall but the patriarchy ya know.

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 1.07.24 pm.png

The Bot Bots - Stoneage Scomoes EP

Oh cool, sloppy political punk with local references, how original. But yeh actually this is pretty damn catchy. Short and punchy 7 tracks, 8 mins and they throw a theremin in for good measure. Pretty coooooool.

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 1.09.53 pm.png

Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice - Collapse

There’s never been a more fitting time for these two creative forces to combine. Dr Sure’s post-futurist post-punk meets Cake Industries mechatronics. Jim Henson by way of William Gibson. With billionaires and large corporations gaining billions during a pandemic while small businesses and every day people on the verge of financial and mental collapse, it’s time to eat the rich, replace them with robots and soundtrack the uprising with Dr Sure.

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 1.13.40 pm.png

Bollard - Ziggurat 

Put a leather jacket and an attitude on a group of slinky’s, send them down a set of Penrose stairs and they might make some noise as cool as this. A steady pulsing bass and guitars harmoniously weaving in and out of each other punctured by spurts of dissonance. Conflicting morals lazily directed not at us, but towards our general vicinity and seeping into our thoughts.

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 1.15.51 pm.png

Batz - Remain the Same

This song sounds exactly like the day I’m having. After a particularly gloomy mental day previously, today my mood was high, the sun was shining. Batz have captured that change you feel in the air as Winter turns to Spring, and while we may still be in lockdown, at least I can sit in my backyard in the sunshine and feel a bit of warmth on my neck. A slight change of pace for Batz, with definite nods to 90’s British psych.  The lyrics however aren’t so sunny, they’re depressing. Once I realised that, the sun on my neck suddenly felt a little more oppressive. Good track though.