With Aaron Beer

The saga of serenading the crows in my backyard with music continues. Only this week there’s barely a sighting, try as I might, littering the fake grass with treats of nuts and berries, the only friends I’ve made are pigeons. This leads me to conclude that this weeks picks of the week are curated by those pesky urban dwellers, I present Pigeon Picks. Check em out. 

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Rich Webb - 'Railroad of Bones' single

Seemingly Rich has entered into some Faustian contract or perhaps let Screamin Jay Hawkins put that spell on him. Coming off two awards at the 2019 Independent Music Awards in New York – Best Alt-Country Album (Le Rayon Vert) and Best Alt-Country Single (Let it Rain) and now recent single Railroad of Bones. With a beautiful animated video by Emma Webb and Jarrod Elvin. 

This is the soundtrack to cruising the abandoned streets of Melbourne in your Toyota Yaris after curfew. 

*please don’t break curfew*. 

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Eugh - 'The Most Brilliant Man Alive' EP 

Solo project from the mind of Vincent Buchanan-Simpson of Hideous Sun Demon and Terrible Signal Fame. This is fun and chaotic. The mind of a deranged man. The lyrics to stories you’d read on the walls of an asylum, written in egg yolks. Yet there’s still a coherency here and a show of great pop sensibilities.

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Super X - 'One Cut' single 

Rookies make the mistake of thinking listening to psychedelic music while on acid is how you trip, that’s bullshit. You listen to to normal music and find the beauty you never saw before in it. Do Astronauts listen to music while they’re in the shuttle? I guess all rock is space rock when you’re hurtling through space. If Neil Armstrong had a Mohawk he’d be a space punk and he’d listen to Super X.

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Dicklord - 'You Fingered Me Weird' single & clip

Fuck Yes! This is the kind of art that 2020 needs. You fingered me weird is the poetic tale of ones inability to form loving and lasting relationships due to digit deficiencies. I’d expect this kind of shit to come out of the holed up singles in Melbourne, but I guess the Byron Bay Punks are still allowed to throw their middle fingers up in the air, amongst other places. When these ladies reference Tool Time, that’s not a mating call.

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Sundr - 'Solar Ships' LP

Imagine you’re Leo in the Titanic, but instead of drowning you floated endlessly for days, alone. Days turn to weeks. Calm seas following crushing storms. Lighthouses flicker ahead, your guttural screams powerful in your head, but taken from you effortlessly by the wind. You’re not on top of the world no mo Leo. 

Listening to Sundr’s new album Solar Ships is a meditative experience. There’s a certain time of night or headspace that this album fits into. It tells a story. I liken it to a post metal version of Ocean Songs in its vivid imagery. Someone call Warren Ellis for a collab.