With Aaron Beer

This whole ‘playing music in my backyard for the birds’ kick I’m on is backfiring. I haven’t seen the crows in weeks, the blackbirds balk at the sight of me and the pigeons are clearly only in it for the pumpkin seeds. If this is the shape of punk to come I want no part in it, it’s field recordings of mating calls only in my record collection for now on. 

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Carroña - 'Lucha Neica' LP 

I know nothing about this band, I can’t find them in Google searches, all I get from their Bandcamp is “Melbourne Based, Immigrant Caos Punk”. It’s recorded by Adoom Ritchie of Drunk Mums and Pissfart records, yet I can’t find shit on their socials about it. It’s badass crusty street punk and I’m sure there’s some serious messages in here, but I don’t speak the language. You can feel it though. This mystery only adds to the appeal, but more people should know about it. 

Here’s what they’ve written, with a little help from google translate.

“We are not descended from a line of witches, nor from wild wolves. We are the children of slaves, of the obedient who bowed their heads, of those who received humiliation and torment in order to avoid punishment and death. Of the slaves who believed in gods and

kings and blindly followed their commandments. Of those who expose the heretic. We were born and raised in this global prison, we do not know freedom, or any utopia, we laugh for not crying, and we uselessly gnaw on chains. The stars and altars have betrayed us. We fight and pedanticly argue among slaves over trivialities while our faceless masters gag and indulge in their palaces carelessly. We make mocking faces with the rope around our necks. We'll dance, kick, and throw ridiculous tantrums as we hang from the gallows until we give up. We will never see each other again.”

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Rhysics - 'Present' EP 

Little stories and personal musings by Rhys. Largely acoustic bedroom ditty’s that is a “collection of short songs about things I'm feeling around my birthday of 2020”. It’s a cute little selection of lo-fi songs that has me dreaming of a post lock down Melbourne where I can waste my house deposit money to sit in a pissy alley eating avocados by the handful.

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Zig Zag - 'Do Better' Single

Fuck! This is good, really really good. Having only released two tracks as a band so far, if this is a sign of things to come, I can see big things in the future for Zig Zag. It’s got that aggressive pumped up “we’ve got something to fuckin’ say” post-punk vibe that hits at you relentlessly. Comparisons to Cable Ties will be made, but that’s a compliment of the highest order.

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Rattleback - 'Weeding the Garden' State LP 

If Death From Above and Raised Fist made sweet consensual love and raised a baby with a great sense of humour, strong morals and a penchant for powerviolence and partying, that baby might grow up to play in a band called Rattleback. Like a shot of tequila in the eye for pre drinks, this album is the energy our lethargic Melbourne asses need right now. The debut album from these local 3 piece punks is fast, loud, chaotic and just plain fuckin’ cool. There’s no guitarist, who needs one, there’s too many guitarists now anyway, not enough flautists..

I mean there’s no flute in this either, but imagine if there was. Instead we’ve got that chunky bass run through two amps and pedals mimicking a 6 string. Bad Ass!

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Space Boozzies - 'Livin’ Up the Coast' LP 

“Crunchy, goon-soaked garage-surf-punk straight outta Woy Woy, NSW.”
There’s something in the water up on the Central Coast...sand, sand is in the water, and they’ll never shut up about it. They keep rubbing it in, in their lifestyle, their music, their fun and carefree demeanours. Maybe there is something to with this whole vitamin d thing, I wouldn’t know. Anyway, imagine if The Ventures were a bunch of old pissheads who played shows at the pub after a surf session, they’re all loose and lively, blasting through the set so they can shake the sand from their jocks and eat a parmi or whatever they call it up there. What I’m saying is, I’m jealous, and I don’t even like the beach. 4/5 shakas.