With Aaron Beer

Anyone else feeling the effects of lockdown extra hard this week? Wake up, check the numbers, check if Trump has died of COVID yet, shit weather. It’s all been a bit miserable. But it’s not all doom and gloom, there’s been some solid releases this week, between IDLES and Dumb Punts putting out some of the best records of the year, and these 5 picks of the week, there’s no shortage of good music. Plus we’ve got the Murdoch Royal Commission petition doing the rounds that I urge you all to sign
Now enough of that, today the weather is beautiful, time to crank the tunes and get out there for a socially distanced skate within my 5km radius.

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Birdcage / Religious Observance Split 

What a weird combo. Two tracks of instrumental surf by Birdcage with their guitar noir style sunset at the beach vibe followed by the crushing doom of Religious Observance. If this release were a story it would aptly describe my infrequent time at the beach. You head down for a few beers in the arvo, it’s kinda nice and moody as the sun goes down, you get a little tipsy and think you can bodysurf a wave only to find yourself flipped upside down and fighting for your life.

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KVLL - 'Death//Sacrifice' 

Doom is not my forte (unless we’re talking the old PC Doom game that still has a hustling community making new levels based off the old engine, and you can get it working on your MacBook FYI) but I still love it. It’s best served up live or late at night under candlelight. KVLL have put in the hard work and just released their debut album 'Death//Sacrifice'. A heaving, primordial doom beast that rattles my shitty Bluetooth speakers right off the table. I’d expect to see these guys on stage alongside heavyweights Religious Observance and Mammons Throne once shows are back. Heavy as fuck!

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RATHEAD - 'Can’t Relate' single

Local two piece RATHEAD are back with the catchiest track of the week. Not letting some global pandemic and a broken leg keep them down, they’ve chucked up a new song on Triple J Unearthed. A solid slice of straight up Clowns-esque skate punk with a heavy driving main riff and gritty vocals. This would have sit nicely on the new Tony Hawks game alongside Last Chance favourites A.Swayze & The Ghosts. Chuck this in your ears and go do a kickflip.

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Shit Tatts - 'Morning Sun' single

Shit Tatts have released their first single and accompanying video off their upcoming EP ‘Street Rock Vol.1’. A chirpy garage punk banger, “an ode to all the lockdown legends, doing whatever ya need to do, to pass the time. A shout-out to you all!”
The video, a collection of tanned babes enjoying life as normal, babies smoking tobacco pipes, banjo solos, a distinct lack of beer guts, you know, normal stuff.
Recorded by our own in-house sound tech Max Ducker so you know this shit is good.
Cheers Shit Tatts, I’ll raise a breakfast beer to that.

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The Goldhearts - 'Beach Butts' 

What was the best kids tv show theme growing up and why was it The Muppet Babies? (Gummy Bears is a close second). Perhaps it speaks to my own foibles that Goldhearts new track, with it’s doo-wop leanings and bubblegum surf conjures up memories of sitting on the carpet watching TV and eating rollups. Rather Beach Butts take influence from 50’s girl groups and fellow Aussie female fronted indie bands like Clouds and Falling Joys.  A delightful slice of eco-driven surf pop, Beach Butts ain’t about talking about bikinis. Pick up your ciggie butts and pick up this record. 


The Goldhearts new two track 7” Shooters Party / Beach Butts out now through OuttaSpace Presents.