Hello & welcome to the internet home of Rock & Roll Magazine.

Rock & Roll Magazine is an independent Australian based publication dedicated to showcasing the best, & future, of Australian music.

We are currently working towards building a sustainable publication that will be able to support the Australian music community.

Rock & Roll Magazine firmly believes in producing quality longform journalism that our readers will be able to hold in their hands.

We do not believe in clickbait articles created to simply generate income.

We believe in giving back to the musicians we write about and giving them the respect that they deserve.

Therefore, our digital imprint will be limited in order to dedicate ourselves to giving you the best music magazine in the world.

With a lot of hard work & your support we will be launching in 2019 with a monthly physical magazine that will be delivered directly to our readers homes.

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Or if you’re super keen please call in to the Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar in Melbourne which is the home base for Rock & Roll Magazine and a dedicated live music venue owned and operated by Rock & Roll Magazine.

Rock & Roll Magazine will not be able to exist without the support of the Australian music community.

We thank you in advance and look forward to taking you on this amazing journey into all things Rock & Roll.

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Shane, Leanne & everyone at Rock & Roll Magazine