Melbourne's own action rockers.

The Stripp were one of the last great gigs I remember before The Last Chance had to close its doors to shows. It was a warm Friday night in late January.  I generally start my bar shift around midnight but I’ll come down early to check out the bands and have a sneaky Jamo shot before I start. 


I wasn’t overly familiar with The Stripp but they were one of those bands that exuded the spirit of sexy, sweaty Rock & Roll and they blew the roof off the pub. After their set I just had to buy the merch with a cash advance from the til. 


The artwork of their EP very much resembles myself at 9am after I’ve kicked everyone out of the bar and swept the last ciggie butt from the beer garden, same hat and all. 


So I done gone and put together a couple of cliche interview questions over email while blasting their EP on my porch and day drinking since that is acceptable on a Monday morning these days. 

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What’s your story? 


The Stripp are a gritty action rock band packed with dirty riffs and heavy denim.


The story of the Stripp began about 3 years ago when Jason impulsively decided to move to Melbourne from sunny Queensland. Having never been to Melbourne before he drove down on a whim with his cat in a beat up van. He literally lived out of the van in the back streets of Brunswick until he got a job and met a bunch of local ratbags and musos; Bek, Chris and Adz being among them. 


We’ve all played in a number of bands throughout the years and each member has brought something different to the table. We’ve officially been together for about a year and have released an EP, played a ton of gigs and are currently working on an album.


What are your influences? 


We draw inspiration from a number of bands from The Hellacopters, Zeke and WASP to heavier bands like Priest and Sabbath. 


How are you guys working together during covid,  staying productive, other creative outlets? 


Bek and Jason live together so they’ve kept the train rolling working hard on the album. It’s hard to stay motivated but we’ve found a nice balance of self reflection, over indulgent binges and productive songwriting sessions, it seems to work.


When’s the album due roughly, what can we expect?


As for the album we’re digging deep and shooting for the moon. We’re pushing beyond the limits of our comfort zone and taking advantage of the fact that we have 2 guitarists. We’re being more vulnerable and adding more obscure heavier elements to our song writing while staying true to our raw, high energy sound.

At this stage, due to recording restrictions the album most likely won’t be released until early next year.


And lastly, tell us, what’s your rock n roll objective?


We’re diehards, we’ve been doing this a long time and have seen a lot of potentially great bands fade into the vacuum, so I guess our objective is to never stop and grow stronger with time. There seems to be a void in the rock n roll style we play, but we feel the scene is like a dormant volcano ready to explode and we’re gonna be riding the waves of lava when it does.


That’s it, they answered my dumb questions. 

Check out their self titled EP and stay tuned for the full length. Thanks legends.

Interview by Aaron Beer